Hi my name is

Jyothish   Prabhakaran   Jayasree

  • GIS Professional
  • .Net Programmer
  • An Artist in html5/css
  • A Programmer

Cinque Terre

About me

A GIS enthusiast and a passionate programmer who thinks out of the box. I have 3 years of experience in programming with a demonstrated history of working in industrial software technology. Skilled in ASP.NET, GIS, Ionic Framework, AngularJS, SQL and Oracle.


I am a passionate person, who loves to explore new technologies and skills. I believe that learning is the most important part of any work. As a learner, I could achieve the heights of my career and I believe that every hard work will be appreciated and compensated. I believe in my work because I work hard, I adapt to every situation and try my best to excel in my career.

Let's have a look into my Journey

My Maps

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